WINDSOR® PROBES (FOR THE WINDSOR® PROBE SYSTEM) : There are two power settings available, low

and standard power. The low power is used where concrete strength is less than 3000 psi (19.4 MPa). The newly designed silver probes can be used for high performance concrete with strength up to 17000 psi (110 MPa). The probes are made of a high strength alloy, specially heat treated and annealed to achieve a hardness of Rockwell C 48.Special machining of each probe eliminates stress concentrations.

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  • windsor-probe-2

The gold probe has a 56% greater cross-sectional area than the silver; it is recommended for light weight concrete – less than 125 lbs/cu. ft. (2003 Kg/M3) in density. The silver probe is used with concrete having a density greater than 125 lbs/cu. ft. (2003 Kg/M3). (Note: The Harm Code for Silver or Gold Probes is – # 9306.36.4160)